Administrative Improvement Awards

The Administrative Improvement Awards recognize outstanding work at UW-Madison in process redesign/development or customer service that resulted in improved efficiency, increased revenue channels, cost savings or improved service delivery.

Submit a Nomination

Nominations for the 2025 Administrative Improvement Awards will open in late 2024.

View the 2024 nomination form to begin preparing your submission for the next awards.

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Before completing the nomination form, please ensure the project and nominees are eligible to receive the Administrative Improvement Award.

  • All current Academic Staff, University Staff, faculty, limited employees, and student employees are eligible for the award. Individuals and teams may be nominated.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Projects must be completed with solutions implemented on or after January 1, 2024. Projects completed earlier must provide evidence of continuous improvement or sustainment cited in the nomination form.

Nomination Questions

You will be asked to provide the following details about each nominated project.

  • Project name
  • Name of project sponsor (if known)
  • Project objective
    • A description of the situation before the project was initiated
    • The problem or opportunity that led to the initiation of the project
    • Individuals or groups impacted by the problem
  • Changes or improvements made
    • Method or steps taken to identify and achieve changes/improvements needed
    • Any innovative or creative approaches used
    • Stakeholders involved in the process
    • Project length and timeline
  • Results
    • Direct outputs or outcomes of the changes and improvements
    • Whether the project goals were met
    • Quantitative “before” and “after” data, if available
    • Qualitative data such as testimonials, if available
  • Impact
    • Impact on customers, end-users, or other stakeholders, including the unit/division or university as a whole
    • What was gained from the project
    • Connection to the university’s mission
    • Connection to the strategic goals of the unit, division, university, etc.
  • Next steps
    • What the nominated individual or team will do next, based on the project outcomes and work completed to date
    • Steps that have been taken to ensure that the achievements are sustained
    • Evaluations for further improvement
    • How the project outcomes might contribute to ongoing improvements and future initiatives
    • Plans for communicating and sharing the project results (and with whom)

Supporting documents including visuals, graphs, or data sets can also be uploaded. All nominations must be submitted using the link provided.

Completing Your Nomination

The nomination process takes roughly 30 minutes to complete once all of the project information is gathered. Follow these guidelines to ensure your colleagues are recognized for their great work.

  • Details about the nominated project can be entered directly into the online form or uploaded to the online form as a single document using this template.
  • Review the nomination form and make sure you have all the information you need to answer the questions. If you need more information, reach out to the nominated individual(s) for the required details before starting your nomination.
  • Complete the entire nomination form. The review committee can only assess the project based on the information provided in your nomination submission. You do not need to complete it in a single setting. You will be able to save your progress and return to the nomination form later.

Review Process & Selection Criteria

Nominations are reviewed by UW-Madison employees who have received the award in the past, administrators, and subject matter experts in improvement and innovations efforts.

2024 nominations were evaluated and selected based on the following:

  • Method and approach
  • Results
  • Next steps
  • Impact

Additional Support Available

For additional support in writing an effective nomination, consult with business process improvement managers from Administration Innovation and Planning. These experts can provide guidance and support for completing a nomination that captures the full impact of the nominated individual or team. These meetings are consultative only, and the AIP team is not affiliated with the nomination review process. The AIP team will not write or submit nominations on behalf of nominators.

Download the Nomination Form Template

Details about the nominated project can be entered directly into the online form or uploaded to the online form as a single document using the downloadable template below.

Download the template

AIA Celebration

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Previous Recipients

UW-Madison launched the award for excellence in administrative work in 2013. Click on the years listed below to read about past award recipients.

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