We envision a future where all UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff feel like they belong and can grow their careers here.

People are the essence of what makes UW-Madison great.

When people flourish as individuals, they can contribute more fully to their community and the world around them.  Employee experiences and feedback inform our strategic priorities and help us identify opportunities and innovative ideas for making UW–Madison a great place to work for everyone.

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To enable employees to flourish and contribute to the university's success, we will:

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Be a competitive employer

Offer competitive and equitable compensation practices through a job framework, salary structure, benefits package, and salary administrative guidelines.

Cultivate our workforce

Attract, retain, and reward a highly qualified and diverse workforce, both now and in the future.

Empower employees

Encourage excellence by recognizing and rewarding contributions that advance the university’s mission and goals.

Develop our people

Offer opportunities for all employees to grow their careers through professional development or progression within UW-Madison.

Commit to equity

Deliver equitable and healthy work policies, environments, and practices that reflect our commitment to equality, diversity, inclusion, and well-being as fundamental aspects of the employee experience.

Importance of Shared Governance

Among the many factors that make the University of Wisconsin—Madison a great place to work and learn is our institutional commitment to shared governance. A deeply collaborative process that includes faculty, academic and university staff, and students input allows for more deliberative decisions and more inclusive policies.

UW-Madison is strongest when shared governance traditions are honored, and information from voices across campus is taken into consideration. Read more about this support.

The Office of Finance and Administration has a wide range of responsibilities including overseeing University Staff Governance. For further information on shared governance, please visit This resource page has information specific to each governance group.