A W crest banner on Bascom Hill is pictured among the colors of the fall leaves at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during autumn.

Strategic Plan

The Office of Finance and Administration’s strategic plan defines our values and priorities as partners in advancing UW–Madison’s teaching, research, and public service mission. Our strategic priorities build upon work that is currently underway and introduce new initiatives that support the university’s broader goals. They also identify where we must focus our time and resources to achieve those goals. This living document will continue to evolve as we respond to feedback and the changing needs of UW–Madison and our community.

We will partner in creating an inclusive and forward-thinking university that exceeds the expectations of UW–Madison’s students, faculty, and staff.

We envision a modern and resilient UW–Madison that exceeds the changing needs and expectations of our students, faculty, and staff. This strategic plan is a roadmap for how we get there.

Advancing the Mission Together

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has set some ambitious goals for the next 10 years or more, including:

  • Meeting students’ changing educational needs and meeting industry demand for specific skills;
  • Developing new strategies to enrich the University’s diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging initiatives;
  • Keeping more Wisconsin high school graduates in the state, attracting outstanding out-of-state students, and creating access and opportunity for our students with the highest financial need;
  • Growing the research enterprise from eighth to sixth in the national HERD rankings and expanding industry partnerships; and
  • Catalyzing economic development for the region and the state

This work also requires financial investment and flexibility.

UW-Madison has used revenue-generating strategies and financial stewardship to strengthen our financial position. We must continue to examine cash management, operational efficiency and cost, and real estate to unlock the financial resources needed to advance our mission and stay competitive with peer institutions.

Revenue Innovations