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We envision creating a “UW–Madison Way” to deliver finance, human resources, and other administrative services across campus. We will be leaders in promoting a culture of stewardship, innovation, and continuous improvement where all employees feel empowered to improve the way we support the academic, research, and public service mission.

Our practices define how work gets done at UW–Madison.

This includes how we utilize data, technology, financial resources, and employee training and development to enhance productivity, decision-making, and outcomes. Improved practices and reduced complexity can also lead to greater employee satisfaction. 

To improve how administrative tasks get done, promote a culture of stewardship and innovation, increase customer satisfaction, and allow more focus on mission-related work, we will:

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Modernize services

Modernize delivery of administrative services at UW-Madison through business process optimization and standardization.

Maintain equity

Ensure practices, policies, and procedures are designed to promote equitable opportunities to flourish and grow at UW-Madison.

Improve continuously

Create and promote a culture of continuous improvement that uses a people-first approach to achieving better results.

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Generate revenue

Generate more non-state financial resources, increase the mix of funding sources, and achieve positive margins to reinvest in the teaching, research, and public service mission.

Increase satisfaction

Increase satisfaction with administrative services provided by finance and administration employees across campus.

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Promote sustainability

Promote sustainability across all practices, policies, and procedures to reduce UW-Madison’s impact on the environment and efficiently use resources.

Icon of a graph with the arrow showing an increase.Expand data usage

Expand UW-Madison’s capacity to use data and advanced analytics in  decision-making.

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Ensure compliance

Ensure UW-Madison remains a top-tier institution by maintaining appropriate internal controls and ensuring compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations, and Board of Regents and Universities of Wisconsin policies.