Real Estate Revenue Strategy

In October 2021, the UW Board of Regents approved a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Board of Regents and University Research Park (URP) to leverage UW-Madison’s real estate assets to their highest and best use in support of the university’s academic, research, and outreach mission.

UW-Madison has a well-established partnership with URP, whose purpose is to acquire and develop real estate property for the benefit of the University. URP has developed approximately one million square feet of commercial and research space and another million square feet of ground leases. URP plays a significant role in supporting industry growth in Madison and provides space for startups affiliated with UW-based research.



Generate long-term resources to support UW-Madison’s mission.


Advance our strategic priorities with the physical development of campus parcels.


Promote the strategic use of university real estate assets.

Reimagining UW-Madison's West Campus

As established by the MOU, a joint working group with members from URP and UW-Madison initiated a vision and site plan for higher-opportunity land parcels, including a cluster of available and soon-to-be-available sites on the west side of campus (see image).

The West Campus District Plan is the first major project under UW-Madison’s real estate strategy to generate new sources of revenue in support of its core mission.

URP has selected the international design firm Perkins & Will to help create a place for learning, research, innovation, community engagement, and economic development.

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Aerial view of UW-Madison's west campus, with a portion selected to demonstrated location of new innovation district.